Services We Offer: Specializing in Ford Powerstroke repair & routine maintenance - We Service all Truck Makes! Ford, Dodge, GMC, Chevy
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Some of the services we offer:
We Specialize in Ford Powerstroke repair and routine maintenance but work on all trucks!
  • Lift kit install, Rim or Rim and tire combo

  • Let us know what your thinking many designs to choose from. Anything from stock to extreme air flow available!!!

    Air Intake
  • Any combination you can dream up!!!

  • We prefer Edge Insight with EGT probe.

  • Stock or Upgraded systems available. We recommend a few different styles of regulated return kits for 7.3 and 6.0 powerstrokes to eliminate the dead-head fuel rail issues that causes injectors to fail early.

    Fuel System
  • Stock, Upgraded or Twins we can get and install them all!!

    CP3 fuel pumps
  • 7.3 & 6.0 Powerstroke. Stock or upgraded

    HPOP High Pressure Oil Pump
  • Coolant Filtration System
  • Stock or performance turbo, T-4 setups and upgraded wheels

  • Stock to Wild

  • Upgrade or Delete available

  • Replacement or Upgrade w/wo Remote Mount Oil Filtration

    Oil Cooler
  • Upgraded or OEM

  • A-1 or ARP

    Head studs
  • CCV - CrankCase Vent Mod.
  • TS-6 Position Chip, PHP Hydro, H&S, SCT, Smarty, Edge, and EFI Live

    Chips and Programmers
  • For keeping the automatic 4r100 and e4od Ford transmissions cool when pulling heavy loads or higher then stock HP applications!

    6.0 Trans Cooler
  • Transmissions in stock to fully built form

  • Schaeffer's Oil
    Archoil: Fuel & Oil Additives
    FASS Fuel: Fuel Systems
    Bullet Proof Diesel: EGR Coolers
    Adrenaline Truck Performance: Cummins & Duramax Tuning
    Gearhead Automotive Performance: Powerstroke Tuning
    Irate Diesel Performance LLC: T4 Mount Turbo Systems 7.3 & 6.0 Powerstroke
    BTS: Ford Transmissions

    We are a Dealer For

Schaeffer's Oil

Specialized Lubricants

Adrenaline Truck Performance

Cummins & Duramax Tuning


Fuel & Oil Additives

Gearhead Automotive Performance

Powerstroke Tuning


Fuel Systems

Irate Diesel Performance LLC

T4 Mount Turbo Systems 7.3 & 6.0 Powerstroke

Bullet Proof Diesel

EGR Coolers


Ford Transmissions